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Top 5 Use Cases of Facial Recognition Across Multiple Industries Worldwide

From fintech to healthcare countless industries globally are taking great initiatives to integrate facial recognition technology in their systems to revamp user experience. Facial recognition integrated AI-powered and machine learning algorithms accurately verify the identity of a claimed individual by quickly matching the image or video with the available information. The chances of unauthorized access to services or privileges are potentially reduced 

Biometric face recognition can be seen in our lives prevalently, as we are substantially using this advanced technology from unlocking mobile phones to opening new accounts across various platforms such as banks, e-commerce, or social media. Facial recognition technology operates by integrating convolutional neural networks (CNNs), which effectively authenticates the ID by cross-referencing a human face from the static image or live video with the available data.  

Crime Investigation by Law Enforcement

In a world where technology has made many things easier for human beings, some bad actors are leaving no avenue unexplored to conduct illicit activities using advanced tools. Fraudsters are continuously evolving their deceptive tactics even bypassing sophisticated authentication systems. To stay ahead of fraudster’s illicit maneuvers, law enforcement, and decision-makers are putting efforts into deploying advanced technologies with sophisticated tools. 

Facial recognition facilitates law enforcement by potentially identifying criminals and restricting their unauthorized entry into systems. The potential suspects are recognized by scanning hundreds of thousands of photos in very little time and additionally assist in finding missing persons. The targeted individuals are identified by comparing the evidence photos or video with the available information minutely analyzing facial features and delivering accurate results. 

Improved Patient User Experience in Healthcare 

AI and face recognition in healthcare offer multiple advantages from enhancing user experience to addressing potential cases of medical identity fraud. With this technology, patients are no longer required to wait in long queues to prove themselves or need to bring ID documents with them. The face is the ultimate key to identity these days, patients can check in just by scanning their faces without coming in contact with the systems, ensuring greater hygiene. 

In addition, the safety of patient’s sensitive data is secured and it’s assured that unauthorized access is restricted. Medical identity fraud is becoming a prevalent crime where fraudsters acquire someone else’s information to claim medical services. Accurate patient authentication serves effectively to fight against prevailing medical fraud. 

Secure Financial Transactions in Financial Institutions 

Face recognition offers astonishing benefits to financial institutions and banks. This makes the customer onboarding process smooth by actively verifying and storing the customers’ information, which later is used for authentication purposes in different scenarios. Improved customer onboarding facilitates FIs to comply with know-your-customer (KYC) standards and prevent hefty fines for potential data breaches. 

In addition to ID verification, biometric face recognition prevents spoofed identities or deep fakes from entering the systems by reckoning deceptive IDs. It plays a pivotal role in combatting widespread instances of ID fraud, ultimately safeguarding individuals’ sensitive information from being exploited. 

Accurate Identity Verification at Airports

Facial recognition technology has simplified the onboarding process and boosted the user experience for travelers. Interestingly, technology plays a crucial role in detecting potential individuals who are trying to hide themselves by moving to other places. Moreover, the need to manually verify physical documents and present physical passports has been drastically reduced, saving time for both passengers and the airport staff. 

Many airports worldwide have implemented AI facial recognition to simplify the boarding and immigration process. A few of the airports including Hong Kong International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Delta Airlines & United Airlines have considerably implemented face checks for a smooth user experience. 

Enhanced User Experience on Social Media Platforms

In the modern and digital world, people are spending most of their time on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, in fact operating many businesses online. This has increased reliance on social media platforms. Many scams are being reported with the increased use of social media, where fraudsters acquire information from digital footprints and merge it with fabricated information to generate new accounts for multiple purposes. 

Implementation of facial recognition by social media platforms substantially reduces the chances of ID fraud and authenticates that genuine individuals have access to their accounts. This not only reduces the potential cases of fraud but also ensures people are influenced by genuine individuals. Celebrity deep fakes are considerably ruining the reputational image of many celebrities globally could be substantially can be addressed by integrating AI-driven face detection technology. 

Last Word 

Facial recognition presenting countless applications to many industries also comes with privacy and ethical concerns. Users are concerned about the collection and implementation of their sensitive information which raises questions about the integrity of the data. Responsible implementation of facial recognition technology with effective liveness detection, texture analysis, and accurate biometric accuracy could offer considerable applications, possibly addressing privacy and ethical concerns. Industries employing facial recognition must ensure the integrity of the technology for a smooth user experience and to preserve their reputational image. 

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